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1990: a new era


DJ Resolution takes Hip-Hop to "A New Era" with Mixtape: A Beacon for Artists' Rights

Los Angeles October 17th 2023 - The music industry is set to witness a seismic shift as DJ Resolution, in collaboration with RESPECT MUSIC™, prepares to unveil "A New Era," the ninth installment of the RESPECT MUSIC series. This mixtape isn't just about beats and rhymes; it's a powerful call to action, aimed at spotlighting an essential right that musicians possess, one that can be undeniably costly if not exercised in a timely manner.

The 1990s marked a transformative era in the world of music, defined by legendary talents who pushed boundaries and left an indelible mark on the industry. From EPMD, Eric B. & Rakim, EPMD, A Tribe Called Quest, and Lord Finesse to Gang Starr, Public Enemy, and Ice Cube, this was the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, a time of unparalleled lyrical dexterity and innovation.

However, under the current copyright law (17 U.S.C. § 106), there exists a vital but often overlooked right. Musicians who transferred or assigned their copyrights via recording agreements can recapture their master recording copyrights, in accordance with the provisions of 17 U.S.C. § 304 in the Copyright Act.

The consequences of failing to submit the notice of termination within the statutory timeframe are dire. Music creators and their heirs may find themselves “late to the party” facing the harsh reality of forever relinquishing their rights. This highlights the importance of vigilance and due diligence in safeguarding these invaluable rights.

DJ Resolution, and RESPECT MUSIC™ aim to connect with both artists and fans. This mixtape, along with the previous releases, paves the way for  a more equitable future for music creators, especially the heirs of artists who have composed the soundtracks of our lives. As DJ Resolution's "A New Era" mixtape sets the stage for a transformative journey, it is an invitation to all to embark on a new era of musical empowerment and advocacy. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of artists and ensure that their rights are celebrated, protected, and never lost.

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Under current copyright law, an author of an original work who transferred and or assigned their copyrights (17 U.S.C. § 106)  via recording agreements, are entitled to recapture those master recording copyrights in accord with the provisions of 17 U.S.C. § 304of the Copyright Act.  

This specific right only goes into effect after 56 years from the assignment date, however one important element in exercising this right is the notice of termination required to be sent at least two years prior to the termination date.   

For instance, any sound recording released in 1968, the deadline for the notice of termination is 2022; as that would be year 54 and two years until the effective termination date. 

Most are aware of the old idiom "if you snooze you lose".  In fact, it would be next to impossible to best accurately describe the ramifications for the lack of due diligence when it comes to reserving this important right. In the unfortunate event a notice of termination is not sent within the prescribed statutory period, music creators and the heirs to their estate will forfeit those rights forever.   

Furthermore on behalf of music creators who need to have a notice of termination sent before 2020;  YOUNG N RECKLESS MUSIC™, in collaboration with DJ Resolution  & RESPECT MUSIC,  have come together to publish this special playlist  "Rock N Soul " 

Our main objective is to raise much needed awareness through our Respect Music campaign, so that we may induce Congress with the necessary legislation that drastically reduces the term in which an author can exercise their reversion right. We believe at the rate music is consumed in the digital age, 35 and or 56 years does not accurately reflect the time it takes to determine the fair market value of an author's intellectual property with respect to the return on investment.  

With this playlist and those to follow in the Respect Music series, we look forward to achieving the level of awareness that impact both artists and fans, especially the heir's of the music creators who've helped to create the soundtracks to our lives.

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November 25, 2022 

San Francisco CA 

Young N Reckless announce the release of their new musical effort Conflict of Interest via Available to stream HERE. The project is the third official installment by the duo, preceded by First Come First Served and their 2012 debut album Imagine That. 

Official statements collected from a label representative on behalf of the group are as follows: 

“ This is a very special project for us. Having put our heart and soul into Conflict Of Interest we are excited to be able to share this latest body of work and arguably our magnum opus thus far.  

“As creators having to navigate this new world of access and ownership we’ve decided the most important use of our creative control is to release music independent of market conditions.  “ 

“We’ve always felt our website has been and continues to be a revolutionary approach to accompany such revolutionary ideas. We recognize how fortunate we are in utilizing music as a conduit to communicate with the world.

Conflict of Interest was executive produced by Young N’ Reckless and produced solely by Mad Hat. Mad Hat also serves as the sole feature artist on the Soundtrack Album’s title track Conflict of Interest. 

Conflict of Interest Track List  

1: Pardon The Interruption  

2: Off The Record  

3: Preliminary Hearing  

4: Red Tape 

5: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell  

6: Future Reference  

7: Pay Per View  

8: Voir Dire  

9: Voila  

10: Conflict Of Interest  

11: Voir Dire II 


“Conflict of Interest is a official disclaimer to all whom it may apply to.” 


As of date the project is available for pre-order and streaming exclusively on 

Release information pertaining to third party outlets will be made available in future announcements.




DJ Resolution Respect Music Campaign This Time 89, DJ Resolution Mixtape, Big Daddy Kane , EPMD, Biz Markie, Gang Starr, Nice & Smooth, LL Cool J


Respect Music in collaboration with DJ Resolution Release "This Time 89" Mixtape in their Ongoing Reversion Series 

The new mixtape continues the team’s mission of raising awareness of artists’ reversion rights under the Copyright Act. 

Los Angeles CA July 01, 2022

With the intent to further efforts in raising awareness to the Respect Music campaign, DJ Resolution releases the latest gem compiling the classic sound of 1989. 

This Time 89 not only captures a timeless period in music, it also provides a history lesson on how hip hop has evolved since its inception.

“I’m extremely proud to have made This Time 89 in honor of the incredible artists that paved the way for hip hop the last 30 years. “ I always enjoy the process of digging through the crates finding out who released what and when.  DJ Resolution

To listen, download and stream "This Time 89" in addition to previous releases, please visit 

Reversion 88

dj resolution

Reversion 88 

DJ Resolution and Respect Music Release New Mixtape in their Ongoing Reversion Series 

The new mixtape continues the team’s mission of raising awareness of artists’ reversion rights under the Copyright Act. 

San Francisco, California, June 19, 2021 – DJ Resolution and Respect Music have released a new mixtape titled “88 To Infinity” as the latest installment in their Reversion Series mixtapes, the team announced today. The Reversion Series mixtapes are a collaborative effort by the teams to raise awareness regarding the rights of artists who have recently become eligible to request their master recordings under the Copyright Act. 

The reversion right falls under the 17 USC 203 of the Copyright Act in which the term an signee has for recordings made after 1978 are outlined. Similar to the artists who were subject to 17. U.S.C 304, where there is a 56-year reversion with a notice of termination to be sent no later than the 54th year, a notice of termination must be sent no later than the 33rd year after the release to reserve this current reversion right. 

Like the previous mixtapes in the Reversion Series, the “88 To Infinity” mixtape will serve as public notice for the artists and their heirs who were not yet able to send a notice of termination this year. Though this specific right does not go into effect until after 35 years from the assignment date, the latest a notice of termination can be sent is 33 years after the assignment date. This means that for all master recordings released in 1988, the notice of termination must be sent before the end of 2021. 

By bringing back the classic music of the late 80’s, fans can support their favorite artists as the artists begin to send their notice of terminations respectively. DJ Resolution and the Respect Music team hope that, through their awareness efforts, more artists will reserve their right to recapture their masters and continue the shift towards artist ownership in the music industry. 

Some of the artists published in “88 To Infinity” are considered part of the golden era of hip hop including Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, N.W.A, Eric B, Rakim, Public Enemy, Run D.M.C, and Too Short. 

Starting June 19, 2021, the “88 To Infinity” mixtape is available to stream and download exclusively at




DJ Resolution X Respect Music

DJ Resolution and Respect Music Publish Mixtapes to Bring Awareness to Artists’ Reversion Right Under the Copyright Act

Parties Aim to Encourage More Artists to Exercise Their Right to Reclaim Master Recordings Before 2020 Cut-off

San Francisco, California, December 29, 2020 – Bay area-based DJ Resolution, in collaboration with Respect Music, announced today that they have published a series of mixtapes to raise awareness about artists’ rights to reclaim their masters under the Reversion Right clause of the Copyright Act. According to terms of the Copyright Act, artists are given a second chance to reclaim their master recordings if they follow the provision which states that they must send their record label a notice of termination within a specific time period. For artists who released recordings in 1966 and 1987, the year 2020 is their deadline to send a notice of termination. The mixtapes, titled “Soul City” and “87’ Boombox” each bring together classic songs from those years to help empower and inform artists who may have otherwise been unaware of the reversion right and the critical upcoming cut-off dates. 

Reversion Right Explained

The reversion right stems from section 17 USC 304 of the Copyright Act. It outlines the term a signee has for reclaiming master recordings made prior to 1978, which is 56 years; for master recordings made after 1978, the duration is 35 years. In both cases, the law requires artists to send a notice of termination to the record label 2 years prior to the termination date, i.e. the 54th or 33rd years, to reserve this reversion right. With these critical deadlines in mind for works published in 1966 and 1987, DJ Resolution, in a collaborative effort with Respect Music, published the mixtapes with songs from those years to serve as a public notice for the artists and their heirs in case they have not yet sent a notice of termination to their record labels this year.

The mixtapes encourage fans to support artists as they take steps to exercise their reversion right by sending in their notices of termination. Both “Soul City” and “87’ Boombox” are available to stream and download exclusively at

Boombox 87'


Boombox 87'

87' boombox


Although Hip Hop is by far the youngest of all genres, since its inception it has been proven to be the most vocal and trendsetting over the years. Nevertheless even with numerous artists achieving success, it’s been limited to a market cap due to what ultimately comes down to ownership

It’s well understood that once an artist signs a recording contract, he or she assigns all rights pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 106 to that of the record label. The current statutory term or duration an assignee has for recordings made after 1978 is 35 years. In accordance with 17 U.S.C. § 203,  after 35 years an author and or composer is entitled to reclaim their masters, depending of course if a notice of termination was properly sent out two years prior to the effective termination date. 

This specific right only goes into effect after 35 years from the assignment date, however the latest a notice of termination can be sent is 33 years after the assignment date. Essentially this means for all master recordings released in 1987, the latest notice of termination can be sent in 2020

On behalf of the artists who've recently become eligible to request their master recordings , DJ RESOLUTION in collaboration with RESPECT MUSIC has published the mixtape "87' Boombox."  This mixtape is available to stream and download exclusively at 

With the release of "87' Boombox' , DJ Resolution hopes to inform and empower artists who may have otherwise been unaware of this reversion right.  Not only will this mixtape serve as a reminder of the classic material most of us grew up on, it will further allow fans to support their favorite artists as they begin to send their notice of terminations respectively.





Love Letters by DJ Resolution is an R&B inspired mixtape from the esteemed Bay Area artist with decades of experience in Hip Hop, R&B and Top 40, both regional and international. This mixtape features familiar R&B samples from artists such as Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill and masterful mixing for a smooth sound with rap elements. Dj Resolution showcases her inspiration from retro hip-hop culture with a modern twist. Fans of unique melodies will enjoy the combination of original beats blended with the golden era of 90s and 2000s R&B. Love Letters is mood music that will get the crowd moving with soul. 


- Evangeline W.

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