DJ Resolution is a vibrant artist from Germany that sets an entertaining, inclusive, and crowd pleasing party vibe with carefully curated playlists. 

Internationally influenced - DJ Resolution is specializing in Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Afrobeats and Throwback music while able to perform all kinds of genres. 

Since years she has uplifted the party scene with a selection of crowd favorites, current hits and old school classics to give her listeners a versatile musical experience. DJ Resolution is renowned for having her uniqueness that captivates the audience with her creative musical approach. 

DJ Resolution has provided the soundtrack to various nightclubs, corporate events, weddings, birthday celebrations, and promotional events. When performing her distinctive DJ sets the mission is always to set the crowd in a great mood while creating unforgettable moments. 

When working with clients, DJ Resolution is known for her professionalism, expertise, and extensive knowledge of music. She works very closely with each client to establish an understanding of their vision and customizes each event to make it as memorable and successful as possible. 

Growing up in Germany, DJ Resolution has always showed her love for music by sharing notable songs with others since a very young age, translating deep cuts and making special playlists for her friends and her peers. 

Later, inspired by the 70s block parties led by B-Boy hero, DJ Kool Herc, DJ Resolution began specializing in timeless Hip-Hop and R&B-inflected sets that makes people want to dance and socialize. Before pursuing her career as a professional DJ, DJ Resolution has majored in the music business field, which expanded her insights of the music history, production and the entertainment industry. 

Along with frequently performing at events and growing a loyal following of fans who feed off the positive vibes, DJ Resolution is the lead DJ at the Respect Music Foundation, a campaign launched to better support emerging artists.