Reversion 88

DJ Resolution and Respect Music Release New Mixtape in their Ongoing Reversion Series 

The new mixtape continues the team’s mission of raising awareness of artists’ reversion rights under the Copyright Act. 

San Francisco, California, June 19, 2021 – DJ Resolution and Respect Music have released a new mixtape titled “88 To Infinity” as the latest installment in their Reversion Series mixtapes, the team announced today. The Reversion Series mixtapes are a collaborative effort by the teams to raise awareness regarding the rights of artists who have recently become eligible to request their master recordings under the Copyright Act. 

The reversion right falls under the 17 USC 203 of the Copyright Act in which the term an signee has for recordings made after 1978 are outlined. Similar to the artists who were subject to 17. U.S.C 304, where there is a 56-year reversion with a notice of termination to be sent no later than the 54th year, a notice of termination must be sent no later than the 33rd year after the release to reserve this current reversion right. 

Like the previous mixtapes in the Reversion Series, the “88 To Infinity” mixtape will serve as public notice for the artists and their heirs who were not yet able to send a notice of termination this year. Though this specific right does not go into effect until after 35 years from the assignment date, the latest a notice of termination can be sent is 33 years after the assignment date. This means that for all master recordings released in 1988, the notice of termination must be sent before the end of 2021. 

By bringing back the classic music of the late 80’s, fans can support their favorite artists as the artists begin to send their notice of terminations respectively. DJ Resolution and the Respect Music team hope that, through their awareness efforts, more artists will reserve their right to recapture their masters and continue the shift towards artist ownership in the music industry. 

Some of the artists published in “88 To Infinity” are considered part of the golden era of hip hop including Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, N.W.A, Eric B, Rakim, Public Enemy, Run D.M.C, and Too Short. 

Starting June 19, 2021, the “88 To Infinity” mixtape is available to stream and download exclusively at